The Take Five Series (2014), named after Dave Brubeck's 1959 composition for Time Out at Columbia Records, were a series of paintings that were produced during a residency at The Art House, Wakefield in November 2014. My fascination with destruction lead me to create a series of three paintings that would destroy themselves over time. With alternating applications of thickness and type of paint, many layers were unable to dry and began to disrupt the surface of the canvas. This disruption gave the paintings an almost auto-destructive nature when propped vertically, the weight of the paint would create creases and ruptures which eventually began to slide off the surface and onto the floor producing a secondary painting. There were occasions when I intervened to speed the process up and further disrupt the surface with the use of palette knifes and solvents. The process was intended to be somewhat meditative, unsentimental and at times strictly controlled.      

I knew that at some point these paintings would be set on fire, it would be the final stage of their existence. It wasn't a difficult thing for me to do, in fact I was set on in my mind it was something I was going to do, and I was pretty certain where, and of course location for this ritualistic burning was extremely important. As a lot of the work I had begun making after September 2014 was nearly all in some way related to the death of my brother, the decision to burn these paintings was a reference to the process of cremation. Myself and my father propped the paintings on top of a battered old BBQ in our back garden and doused them in lighter fluid and used matches to start the fire. Once they had been destroyed as much as possible they were left to smoulder then disposed of in a black bin bag.