The Destruction of: 8 - 13% Or Less was a response to the almost impossible task of the conservation of certain components within the installation. I knew that I was making all of these components and casts as part of a longer project, my intention was that the components that were unable to be destroyed would be used beyond this stage and continue to exist in their present state. The only components that were to be destroyed were the ones that had been cast in concrete, these components would have proved problematic in the methods needed to conserve them. I had no intention to conserve any of them, instead it was my desire to use various tools to eradicate their existence and reduce them to dust and rubble. The control that I had over this process, the systematic deconstruction and destruction allowed me to act accordingly to my anti-sentimental nature, the actions implemented permitted this. I had anticipated the physical demands of such processes, it would be a test of my physical limitations to destroy such a vast quantity within a small time frame (46 minutes to be precise), it became a test of both my physical and psychological capabilities. Once the (private) performance was initiated it seemed counterproductive to cease the set of destructive actions, I had made the decision to carry out these actions and it was something that I must persevere with and reach a stage of completion, or at least until I was so physically incapable that my body wouldn't allow me to continue any further. The live performance was only witnessed by one individual, the documentarian. The photographic material is the evidence of what took place.