"A group of postgraduate artists from the BxNU Master of Fine Art course at Northumbria University are throwing their work in the air and seeing how it lands. The title ‘Slowing into form’ comes from an article by Eyal Weizman, Director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, entitled ‘The Political Plastic’, in which Weizman describes architecture and infrastructure as having an elasticity: that they are fundamentally responsive in nature. This is also reflected in the way that many visual artists respond to each other’s work: ideas and processes bouncing off each other, gradually evolving, growing, taking cohesive shape. This exhibition marks a point in that ongoing conversation, with work ranging across video, sculpture, photography, performance, sound and installation."

1 in 3000 became a response to the destruction of 8 - 13% Or Less, once all of the debris had been cleared and the core frames had been deconstructed, I wanted to construct a smaller scale piece that gathered some of the remaining components and use them to construct something that continued to represent the tension created through the addition of weight. I wanted to create something that almost allowed me to distance myself from the context of the work, to almost dilute it and make decisions based purely upon aesthetics, rather than what the forms are trying to represent. The components within were created because the actions required initiated a meditative state within myself and temporary relief from my fidelity to perfectionism. 

Studio shot of the central frame of 1 in 3000.