The title 8 - 13% Or Less references the chances someone has of developing a MPNST (malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour). This installation was based around the events that lead up to my brothers death in September 2014. The installation came two years after my brothers death and focused on a core theme of weight and shape. The process of repetitive casting of these dome shaped objects represented what these tumours felt to touch above the skin, intentionally cast in such a way that they would begin to decompose and fracture, each time they were handled they would begin to crumble. Even the moisture in the atmosphere added to this process, overtime all casts weathered and altered. The various steel spheres were intended to represent the progressive emotional weight of these events through the properties of solid steel shapes. All of the featured components referenced a weight or a process that was constructed around the idea of it functioning as a survival ethos. Engaging in actions that were not only repetitive but required strenuous physical actions to reach completion. In many ways the processes behind the work built the foundations for a reoccurring coping mechanism to deal with the context that prompted the works existence. Whilst making the installation I knew that it would be destroyed in a systematic way and this would create the second stage of the work, but it was important for me to identify and distinguish the difference between making work just to destroy it, and making work in the knowledge that it will be destroyed for a very specific set of reasons.